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1 Legal details
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2 Exclusion of liability and legal details

2.1 Information concerning this online offering The contents of these pages were compiled with the greatest possible care. Despite all our efforts to ensure correct display through careful checking of the contents, it is still possible that mistakes and errors of interpretation could occur. We assume no liability whatsoever for the information provided being up to date, nor for its correctness, completeness or quality..Any claims for liability made against ARintelligence that relate to material or immaterial damage caused by the use or fail-ure to use the offered information or by the use of erroneous or incomplete information are fun-damentally excluded as long as there were no actions on the part of ARintelligence that were de-monstrably due to malice aforethought or gross negligence. All offerings are subject to change and are non-binding. ARintelligence explicitly reserves the right to amend, supplement, delete or tem-porarily or permanently cease publication of parts of the pages or of the entire offering without any particular prior notification.

2.2 Hyperlinks and links ARintelligence explicitly distances itself from the content and design of all pages that are reached through direct and indirect hyperlinks and links that do not belong to the ARintelligence Website and are therefore outside sphere of responsibility of ARintelligence. ARintelligence hereby explicit-ly declares that at the time of setting the link or hyperlink that no illegal content could be detected on the linked pages. ARintelligence has no influence whatsoever on the current and future design, contents or copyright ownership of the linked pages. ARintelligence has no influence whatsoever on changes in the contents that had been made in the linked pages after the link had been set. The provider of the page to which the link had been set shall be solely liable for illegal, incorrect or in-complete content and in particular for any damage arising from the use or non-use of the offered information, and the person who only referred to relevant publication through links or hyperlinks shall not be liable in such cases.

2.3 Copyright All the texts here are protected under copyright law. The publication, taking over or use of texts, images or other data shall require the written approval of ARintelligence unless this has been ex-plicitly permitted in the Webpages.
All brand names, trade names and registered trademarks protected by third parties that are named within the Internet offering are subject without any restriction to the stipulations of the relevant applicable intellectual property and copyright law and the ownership rights of the relevant regis-tered owner. Simply quoting theses names may not mean that it is possible to conclude that the brand name is not protected by the copyright rights of a third party.

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2.5 Legal validity This exclusion of liability is to be regarded as part of the Internet offering from which a reference was made to this page. If any parts or individual formulations of this text do not, or no longer, or not completely fully comply with the corresponding applicable legal situation, the remaining parts of the documents shall not be affected in terms of their validity and content.


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