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We are raising your incadea software up to a new level. In our capacity as an affiliate of S4 Computer GmbH we are a new service provider for the BMW automotive sector in Germany. Our customers already include as of now many leading BMW car dealers, whose work we support with our software and many years of experience. We can offer you a comprehensive IT platform for the car retail trade of tomorrow.

Take a step forward into the digital future of a new DMS generation together with us!

ARintelligence - Your incadea partner



incadea support

Do you have any questions or problems concerning your current incadea software? Don't wait, just call us right now. Together we will find the right solution for your BMW dealership.

incadea update

Download the new i.DMS 7.2 BC from incadea with a wide variety of new functions and simpler operation. Contact us - we would be glad to advise you!

incadea consulting

We can advise you concerning the options for your incadea software and will work together with you to customize it to meet your expectations and needs. In this way we will find the optimal solution for your own dealership. Together we will find the right solution for your dealership.


We would be glad to provide user training on your premises so that we can show you and your staff the features of the software and some tips and tricks.

Setting up the interface

We help you when integrating it with or into other software systems and help you to set up the necessary interfaces.

Digital add-on products from ARintelligence

We offer everything from barcode systems to a digital workstations for the sales force, add-in products to optimize the efficiency of work flows and the IT system. Always in focus: the 360° view of your customers.
Incadea Update

i.DMS Release 7.2BC
from incadea

Incadea upgrade advantages
Over 40 dealers already upgraded

Easy to learn to use

Thanks to the fact that your team is already familiar with the Incadea DMS, it will only need a short training session on how to work with and integrate the upgrade into the existing system.

Same processes and analyses

Thanks to the fact that your team will only have to learn how to use and implement the new upgrade features, they will feel right at home with the new 7.2BC version.

New modern platform & user interface look

The i.DMS has been given a makeover and hence been made even more user-friendly. Users will also already be familiar with the ERP feature and integrated accounting system.

Extremely cost efficient

Installing an upgrade is associated with significantly lower costs than installing a completely new DMS system and does not require any intensive user training. This makes an upgrade a cost-efficient option on both of these accounts.

Keep all of your data

All of your existing data and bookings, to whatever point back in history you wish, will be preserved free of charge. Thanks to the fact that your data and booking history is already saved in the DMS system, there is absolutely no chance that your data could be lost. When installing a brand new system, on the other hand, preserving existing data can be a complex and expensive process.

Easy to install

The upgrade can be installed easily, quickly and immediately without needing any intensive or time-consuming preparations. This means that you can obtain the new i.DMS version from incadea directly from us and instantly benefit from its many advantages.
Comparison of
installing a new system versus upgrading your existing one
Our vision for the future

The overall solution from ARintelligence

We develop an overall solution for your car dealership, working together with leading BMW dealer-ships. In addition to technical updates to improve the functionality, the findings from leading BMW car dealers will also be integrated into the continuous development of the software. The userfriendly interface is extended through areas and functions that often cannot be considered by our software developers, since they are not in direct sales and customer contact with the BMW dealer-ship.
We will develop on the existing incadea solution software that in addition to its present DMS func-tionalities will make possible both the entire sales process and give a 360˚ view of the customer. At the same time you can also create and display all the statistics and evaluations that you wish to have.


The software for your digital future

We can offer you all the solutions from one source: from the DMS to OEM systems and [planning data up to data on customer satisfaction and competitors as well as service workshop and after-sales analyses. Increase the productivity and efficiency of your staff by reducing the time taken by changing between systems, through the duplicated inputting of data, and when waiting for answers. We can offer out of the box functionality and customer interfaces that are constantly being further developed through our partnerships with leading car markers and car dealers.

See for yourself just what our overall solution can offer and contact us as follows:
E-Mail: info@ARintelligence.de

Automotive Retail DMS

The new Dealer Management System

You will get in the form of the i.DMS (the successor system to your present BMW incadea version) a comprehensive solution for dealer management that has been especially tailored to the needs of the car trade. Based on the latest Microsoft technology, it can be installed quickly, offers many new functions, and is easy to use. A special feature of the incadea DMS is that the system can be customized to suit the relevant user. The start screen can be adapted to the relevant role of the em-ployee so that he is directly shown the details that are relevant to him, with information and over-views, to allow efficient and effective working. The new version has already been successfully in-stalled in more than 40 car dealerships, including a large number of BMW dealerships.

You can find further information on the new i.DMS under: www.incadea.com
Download here the current incadea.dms brochure

S4 Computer GmbH

Your reliable BMW incadea Service Partner

S4 Computer, with the company headquarters in Puch bei Hallein in Salzburg, is the service provider for the automotive sector in Austria. Its customers include car and car parts dealers for various brands.S4 has been a stable partner for its customers for more than 25 years, with a staff that currently numbers over 30.In addition to software and hardware, S4 also supports its customers through is many years of experience in these sectors. The CEOs of S4 Computer are Heinz Strohbichler and Wolfgang Stiendl. Heinz Strohbichler is also the CEO of OneDealer International GmbH, the owner of S4 Computer.

For more information you can go on the website: www.s4computer.at

All the benefits at a glance

All the solutions from one source

Here you have one contact person who will handle all questions and problems concerning your relevant software system.


A 360˚ view of your customers

Thanks to genuine data you can find out the exact wishes of your customers. Track step by step the complex decision route of modern car sellers. Discover where you can gain or lose more sales value and optimize the turnover times for used cars.


Easy to use

In addition to have a user-friendly interface, the software is also easy to learn.


Custom start screens

Directly adapt the relevant start screen to the relevant employee so as to directly display to him the tasks, information and overviews that he needs.


Continuous further development

Our software is revised thoroughly from end to end. In addition to purely functional modifications, the feedback from important dealerships is also incorporated into updates of the software.


Evaluations and statistics at a glance

Always have an eye on the evaluations and statistics of your car dealership - in this way you can immediately spot areas that are inefficient or are even causing losses.

Go into the future together with us

We develop an overall solution for your BMW dealership based on the existing incadea package. Go into the future together with us and secure for yourself all the relevant systems from one source.